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"I came to The Language Mall to study Sanskrit, with absolutely no prior knowledge in the subject. In a year, I was able to grasp almost every single concept in the language. The Sanskrit faculty is phenomenal, and what I love about The Language Mall is that they cater to each student’s individual needs. They take into account the level of learning of the student, the extent of understanding and alter their teaching methods accordingly. The explanations are so detailed and coherent, and there is no time when the teachers will hesitate to answer a question, regardless of how complex or challenging it is. The environment of the class is also extremely comfortable and easy to adapt to, and the staff members are some of the nicest I have encountered. Overall I would definitely recommend this place if anybody is looking for a detailed, comprehensive language learning experience."

7 months ago

"I learnt Sanskrit language at the Institute. It hosts the BEST faculty for the Sanskrit language. The way language was taught, might not have been possible for any other faculty anywhere else. The patience portrayed by the faculty according to student's grasping ability is appreciable. The administration staff is equally supportive. The flexibility of timings for students is given due importance. The advance communication about the class schedules are managed very effectively."

8 months ago

"The language mall is a very good place to learn a new language. The classrooms are spacious and the ambiance is awesome. Also the teachers and management members are friendly and supportive. Different techniques are used to make sure you get fluent with the language. My experience here was fantastic. I personally recommend this class."

a year ago

"Excellent place to learn new language. Best thing about this class is teachers give you one on one attention irrespective of the batch size"

7 months ago

"I learnt German from Arti mam. I was impressed by how she used to clear all our doubts patiently and she made sure that we understood everything. I totally recommend Language Mall for German."

3 months ago

"An awesome place to learn a language. The techniques, the way of teaching is very nice. Good positive ambience for both faculty & students. They make you speak the language regularly, because that's important. Helpful & friendly teachers."

a year ago

"I took my English lessons from the language mall.The best part about this class is that, the faculty will always hear in detail what the student has to say and accordingly they respond in a precise manner. Give and take of knowledge and skills is pure and valuable. My teacher for the course was 'Shweta Mam' and no doubt that, she was best at her job. Eventually your progress speaks.Thank you."

a year ago

"Excellent environment for studying. Proper school style classroom worked for me very well. Teachers are friendly and helpful. Recommended for those who want to study language from zero experience."

a year ago

"Excellent class with amazing faculty.If you are thinking to join language classes.. I do recommend you to join "The language Mall". Best class with amazing environment & with interactive sessions. "

a year ago

"Excellent teaching and very comfortable atmosphere, my speaking has improved a lot after joining language mall ."

a year ago

"It was a nice experience learning a new language and the teacher is awesome too. I have enjoyed it. I shall continue for the next level soon parce que j'aime la langue français beaucoup!!!"

a year ago

"Learnt Basic Chinese.....Interesting.... Looking forward to learn the next level in this Esteemed institute. Will definitely recommend to others"

a year ago

"great experience and got to learn alot and after learning a language it gave me a big platform in my life and a start to my career "

a year ago

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