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Imagine knowing the language spoken in the second largest economy of the world – China?

Studying the Chinese language opens doors to a culture that’s over five thousand years old. Since China has opened its doors to the West, the language has become an economically important language.

As opposed to what is commonly believed, Chinese is not difficult to learn at all, as it has relatively simple grammar. It also does not have verb conjugation or gender distinction. Interestingly, the Chinese language is a tonal language – where the definitions of words change based on intonation. Much like learning music!

The Chinese civilization boasts of a rich heritage of poetry, music, literature, and cinema. Once you’re well-versed with the language, you can open more doors to your knowledge in the arts and cultures. There’s great potential to discover business and academic opportunities, once you’re equipped with the Chinese language. Globally, China will be one of the leading players in trade and business in the coming years.