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Germany gave birth to most great classical musicians – do Beethoven or Mozart ring a bell ? Also, the greatest genius who ever lived, Albert Einstein, was also proud of his German roots. Learning German will bring to you an exciting world filled with rich culture, history, and talent. While German is the most widely …

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France is a land for the connoisseurs. For the ones who appreciate excellence. The country is renowned its contributions to cinema, fashion, food, and culture. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a warm, buttery croissant ? A Romantic language, French shares similarities with Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. It’s said that around 33% of the English language …

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Think of the second most used language for international communication and you have Spanish! It’s the official language of 22 countries, and this should make you wonder about the number of places you’ll be able to travel to, and be happy to communicate in the local language. Exploring Latin America, while knowing what you’re getting …

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Imagine knowing the language spoken in the second largest economy of the world – China? Studying the Chinese language opens doors to a culture that’s over five thousand years old. Since China has opened its doors to the West, the language has become an economically important language. As opposed to what is commonly believed, Chinese …

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