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Hassle-free professional translation & interpretation services

As communication and travel advance, geography is becoming less and less of a barrier to doing business. Companies benefit from working overseas. They can take advantage of the lower cost of products and services in some countries, the professional and industrial expertise of others, and additional markets to trade in.


When they trade in countries with a different native language, they need high-quality translation to communicate effectively. When there’s a demand for translation there are opportunities for translators. When there’s a demand for translators, there’s a demand for Translation Studies. They need to learn the skills to practice at a high level, and perhaps even contribute to advancing the field even further.


We offer an array of translation and interpretation services at The Language Mall. This includes the translation of personal, medical, technical and legal documents; professional certificates; visa and cover letters; resumes; and advertisements.We offer face-to-face, telephone and video and language interpreting, suitable for various situations.We also provide onsite interpretation services in legal matters, community interviews, education and health sectors, workshops, seminars, and individual or client interviews.

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Translation services

Hassle-free professional translation & interpretation services

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